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SPRENGER Pferdesport 2016-17 EN

SPRENGER Katalog Pferdesport 2015 - 2016

72 72 2.1 JOINTED STIRRUPS SPRENGER System-4 Jointed Stirrups SPRENGER System-4 Jointed Stirrups relieve hips, knees and ankles during riding and particularly spares ligaments and menisci. This patented System-4 is an epitome for comfortable riding. It has unquestionable confidence and is used by both, leisure and professional riders. Success – as in most cases – brings plagiarism. The copies you find in the market are often of poor quality and can generate a major safety risk. Therefore only trust the original from SPRENGER. The advantages of the SPRENGER System-4 Jointed Stirrups: • pivoting into 4 directions simultaneously • softens the impact on cartilage and ligaments • the heel is always in the correct low position • superb strength • great comfort European patent no. EP 1 003 688 B1 US patent no. US 6,330,781 B1 EU-trademark no. 001599620 European patent no. EP 1003688 B1

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