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SPRENGER Pferdesport 2016-17 EN

SPRENGER Katalog Pferdesport 2015 - 2016

3 “For me the Sprenger bits give me the ultimate feel and connection with my horse’s mouth and the quality is second to none.” Ruth Edge “Sprenger have proven to be the best through their high quality and innovation, producing new products that are improving the way the riders communicate with their horse. It has been a great experience for me to be able to share my ideas and concepts with Sprenger. Together with Sprenger we developed the WH ULTRA bit which I am thrilled with, my horses love it! Only the best for me and my horses!“ Lisa Wilcox “Sprenger products are superior due to the combination of functionality and design. Whether it is bits, stirrups or spurs – for me there is no alternative.” Hubertus Schmidt “Sprenger puts priority into safety – and so do I. I cannot imagine Eventing without the Bow Balance stirrups and I wouldn’t know how to ride my horses without Sprenger bits.” Bettina Hoy “When it comes to bitting there is only one choice for the comfort and well-being of my horses: Sprenger!” Roger-Yves Bost “I have always been very happy to use Sprenger bits and after I have started using SENSOGAN, my horses seem better to accept the bit and feel more relaxed in the mouth and thereby less tense in the rest of the body. The result: a happier horse and rider.” Fia Lindh “The huge Sprenger range helps me find the right bit for every horse. The materials Aurigan and SENSOGAN are unique and effective since they are specially developed to be used in a horse’s mouth. This is why Sprenger bits are indispensable for me and my horses. You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to the very sensitive mouth of your horse – quality is what counts.” Helen Langehanenberg “In horse riding safety is a must! This is why we only use Sprenger’s System-4 and Bow Balance stirrups that fulfil our high requirements on quality and functionality.” Markus und Johannes Ehning “To perform at the highest level regularly, everything must be right. Sprenger develops products for all types and characters of horses which makes my life easier for competitions. When you’re jumping a course you have to react fast and need reliable equipment.” Marco Kutscher “Having worked with Klaus Balkenhol for many years I am very pleased to also use Sprenger products. Sprenger seems to always have a solution for all situations and is far above the rest in quality, design and performance. I am honored to be associated with Sprenger products.” Guenter Seidel “The connection I establish in training is the most important element in my system. Herm. Sprenger’s brand of bits and spurs are my trusted choice with all my horses.” Jan Ebeling “We use Sprenger bits for all our horses. Sprenger manufacture and design top quality, research proven bits. They are committed to providing a sensitive connection between horse and rider – a happy horse is a horse ridden in Sprenger. I wouldn’t use any other brand of bit.” Laura Tomlinson

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