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SPRENGER Pferdesport 2016-17 EN

SPRENGER Katalog Pferdesport 2015 - 2016

2 “For me Sprenger products are invincible. My favourites are the Dynamic RS and the Bow Balance stirrups which are used on almost every horse in our stables.“ Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst “The horse’s mouth is to be respected and Sprenger bits use only the finest metals and craftsmanship – giving me total reassurance. Your horse only has one mouth – so make sure you use the best bits available: Sprenger.” Carl Hester “For many years I have been riding with Sprenger bits and stirrups. Reliability and safety are first for me and I can truly rely on Sprenger.“ Jos Lansink “The company philosophy of Sprenger has convinced me. The horse’s mouth is extremely sensitive and Sprenger are always up to date with their intensive research caring for the needs of horse and rider. Their motto “Leading with feeling“ speaks for itself.“ Jean Bemelmans “Sprenger and I have worked closely together on many innovative ideas and over the years we have kept developing new products. I am delighted with Sprenger’s commitment to horse and rider welfare and the incomparable quality of their products.“ Klaus Balkenhol “For many years I have been using Sprenger bits, spurs and stirrups as my horses feel very comfortable with them and only the best is just good enough for my four-legged sport partners.” Ingrid Klimke “With decades of experience and commitment to design and research, I choose Sprenger with confidence for my horses so they can perform at their very best.” Charlotte Dujardin Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Benjamin Werndl INTERNATIONAL TOP RIDERS TRUST IN SPRENGER QUALITY. “To gain horses as partners is – apart from a sensitive and varied education – only possible with a perfectly fitted bit for each individual horse. For us there is only one partner who shares this passion for the perfection of the communication with the horse just like we do: Sprenger.” © Pictures: Ingrid Klimke (left) by Ingo Wächter Images, Jos Lansink (middle) by Arndt Bronkhorst, Charlotte Dujardin (right) by Sebastian Oakley

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