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SPRENGER Pferdesport 2016-17 EN

SPRENGER Katalog Pferdesport 2015 - 2016

11 KK ULTRA – developed according to scientific research. KK ULTRA bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue. The tongue is so extremely sensitive that it multiplies perceptions in this area dramatically. The Veterinary University of Medicine Hannover and SPRENGER measured a variety of horses’ heads to prove the space that is available in a horse‘s mouth. The result is that the mouth cavity is smaller than originally assumed and therefore the space available for a bit is quite limited. The most popular bit thicknesses are 14 to 18 mm nowadays. In collaboration with SPRENGER the Veterinary University of Medicine Hannover found out that a horse‘s mouth is smaller and narrower than generally assumed. Based on this scientific information, SPRENGER developed the KK ULTRA bits with a short lozenge and a link that is turned in front by 45 degrees. That way the mouthpiece creates the best possible effect in the horse‘s mouth. KK ULTRA bits create an incomparable sensitive contact between horse and rider. The anatomically formed mouthpiece lies perfectly in the horse‘s mouth enabling the rider to give subtle aids. A huge improvement is usually seen immediately when the horse‘s bit is switched to any kind of KK ULTRA bit. KK ULTRA bits are characterised by: • the unique angle of 45 degrees is the only way to get a true contact to the tongue. The round lozenge rolls down smoothly over the tongue and stimulates it in a gentle but effective way. Clearly defined aids can be given through the reins without squeezing the tongue. • no pressure on the palate – the ergonomically designed mouthpiece is shaped like the horse’s tongue and therefore taking up less room in the mouth without interfering with the palate. • gentle to mouth and tongue – this mouthpiece encourages a high level of responsiveness by an optimum contact resulting in relaxation and submissiveness. European patent no. EP 1 140 693 B1 US patent no. US 6,425,229 B2 Make sure that the arrow is pointing forwards on the left hand side. 1.0 SNAFFLES AND WEYMOUTH BITS European patent no. EP 1140693 B1

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